Bella Thorne Workout Video And Pics

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Bella Thorne exercises her tight 18-year-old body in a sports bra and spandex pants in the video above and photos below.

While most American women are disgusting she-cows with rolls of stretch mark and abortion scar riddled fat hanging over their waistbands, Bella has managed to keep her figure pleasingly slender with a good diet, regular exercise, and a generous amount of metabolism boasting Colombian nose candy.

Of course it seems silly that Bella is expending her energy with a stupid workout hoping back and forth over a box to no real end, when she could be burning calories performing righteous tasks like harvesting a crop of poppy seeds, planting roadside bombs, or sucking a Muslim’s enormous meat scud.


Bella Thorne Bella Thorne Bella Thorne
Bella Thorne Bella Thorne Bella Thorne

However, one can not argue with the results, for as you can see in the photos above and her latest Snapchat photo below, Bella’s teen titties are perky and firm and her ass is round and taut.

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