my mother’s big assed friend-sangeeta

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my mother’s big assed friend-sangeeta

sangeeta was my moms friend for a long time and I had known her very well.she was very frank to me and we were like night when my mom was out of town I had to go to sangeetas house for dinner and she came to pick me up in an activa. I sat on it and we legs wer touching her giant ass and I kept my hands on was an amazing feeling and whenever der was a hump I used to press her ass.we reached her house and her husband was out and daughter was sleeping. we had dinner and went to the kitchen to take desert and I touched her ass without her noticing.i had to sleep der itself dat I went to change and wore my boxers and she wore a tracksuit and her ass was popping tool got up we were watching a movie and came in a sex scene and my dick arouse and she noticed it and told that ill get some fruits to eat and even I went along.she was searching for bananas and she could not find it.she bent to search it and I placed my hands on her ass and removed my boxers and told u can hav this banana and she got very angry and was refusing but den I forced her and she could not resist herself and put my dick in her mouth and sucked it like a whore.later I put my face in her ass and it was the biggest ass ive ever seen and fucked it and loaded my cum on her ass and washed ourselves as her husband was on his way .like this wenever I was alone at home she would come and fuck me.hope u enjoyed it and later I will post another story of my mothers other hot friend.if u want to contact me plz comment ur mail id or number and I will contact u and we will have a great time. thank u.??

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